Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 29: Dr Friedman's Everything Guide to Thyroid

The Everything Guide to Thyroid Disease: 

From potential causes to treatment options, all you need to know to manage your condition and improve your life

Purchase it on for only $11.

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I am a patient of Dr. Theodore Friedman in Los Angeles, California, but like many, I traveled to see him when I lived in Texas.  Dr Friedman is a Cushing's expert and specializes in difficult-to-diagnose cases of the pituitary, adrenals and the entire endocrine system.  Dr Friedman sees five to ten patients with Cushing's each week and has for many years.
Doesn't make it sound that rare, now, does it?

If you are also interested in understanding the ins and outs of the thyroid glands -- overactive (hyperthyroidism), underactive (hypothyroidism), or self-attacking (Hashimoto's) -- I encourage to take a peak at this book.  It may be just what my doctor ordered.

If you would like more information about Dr. Friedman and his practice, read this excerpt from his website,

So many of us believe that fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido and other problems are just symptoms we must learn to live with.  What if these symptoms are not the result of stress, diet, or aging, but are actually caused by a hormonal disorder?  Symptoms of hormone deficiency or excess may be subtle and difficult to diagnose.  Many hormonal problems are misdiagnosed as depression, especially in women.  

You know your own body better than anyone else, and you know when something is wrong.  Dr. Friedman is a compassionate, caring physician who will listen carefully to your concerns and work with you to establish a treatment plan.  As an experienced, board-certified endocrinologist and researcher, he has the capabilities to diagnose and treat even the most difficult hormonal problems.  Dr. Friedman has found that some of his patients suffer from undiagnosed pituitary or adrenal problems. These include many people suffering from Cushing's disease, which can present a baffling array of symptoms and is frequently misdiagnosed. Other patients may have pituitary or adrenal insufficiency, which has numerous symptoms and is equally hard to diagnose. Dr. Friedman is a world expert in these difficult-to-diagnose diseases and he welcomes inquiries from patients and their physicians.