Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dogs and Cortisol

Any person researching Cushing's is sure to come encounter as many articles about dogs as humans. Horses and cats get Cushing's as well. Wanna know which doctors seem to be the most compassionate and know the most about Cushing's? Veterinarians.

This morning, as cortisol woke me as it often does at 3:45 am on the dot, I was reading news online on my beloved and ever-present companion, my iPhone.

Fiona Apple cancels tour, citing dying dog: Read her handwritten note | The Music Mix Mobile |

Fiona explains her dog has Addison's, a disease that plagues the patient with low cortisol (while Cushing's does it with high cortisol). She mentions her dog needing shots to keep her alive. Might this be the same Solu-cortef doses that we Cushing's patients need when we face secondary adrenal insufficiency, even years after pituitary surgery?

I admire Fiona Apple's love, compassion, and courage for her 14-year old "pacifist" rescue dog. While her music has never found its way to my speakers in the past, I will be sure that it soon will.  

Fiona, my thoughts are with you and your lovely canine friend at this time.