Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 16: Awareness in Action

I tweeted and tagged Ashley Judd. She replied.

This one below is easier to read.

Day 15: Cushie Bloggers Unite to Bring Awareness

As you know, I join a group of Cushing's patients and parents who committed to bringing more awareness to Cushing's by blogging every day throughout the month of April. And guess what?  We are doing it!  Love to see everyone tell their stories and share information.  This disease affects all of us in similar ways, but its path of destruction and sadness takes different turns.  I have been inspired reading their heart-felt posts.

Thanks to MaryO, founder of Cushings-Help.com, for always keeping us organized and motivated. 

To those who may have Cushing's or to those who love a Cushie, I hope you will take a few moments to read our stories. 

Alicia http://alliwantisworldpeace.blogspot.com/

Amber http://amber-mulnix.blogspot.com/

Catherine (hypopituitary patient) http://wheniwasyou.wordpress.com/

Christina http://christinapay.blogspot.com/

Cristina (Portugese language) http://cristinagoncalves1973.blogspot.pt/

Cyndie http://mylifewithcushings.blogspot.com/

Daisy Using the comments area on the right sidebar at http://www.cushie.info/blog/

Danielle http://lifewithcushings.blogspot.com/

Dawn http://mrszebra.blogspot.com/

Grace C http://adayinthelifeofatrainwreck.blogspot.com/

Judy K http://judcol.blogspot.com/

Kay http://cushiemama.blogspot.com 

MaryO http://www.cushie.info/blog/

MelissaTX-CA http://cushingsmoxie.blogspot.com/

Missaf http://blogforacushiecure.blogspot.com/

Molli http://livingwithstripes.blogspot.com/

Nancy J http://cushielife.multiply.com/

Nicci http://cushiequeen.blogspot.com/

Rene B http://missdiagnosis-rene.blogspot.com/

Robin S survivethejourney.blogspot.com

Sarah C http://sarahsstupiddisease.wordpress.com/

Stephanie M http://fightingforlifeinzebraprint.blogspot.com/

Stephanie Y cushiesteph.blogspot.com

Vanessa http://puremoonlite.blogspot.com/