Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boom & Bust: Stress Fuels Market Crisis

As a blogger and patient advocate, I always strive to explain the Cushing's experience in a way that caregivers, family and friends will understand. My hope has always been that if they really understood the damage we face, perhaps our support system would encircle us and protect us as we walk a very difficult road to remission. This does not happen as often as it should, despite nearly four years of blogging, but I am hard-headed. So, I keep trying.

To that end, I am thrilled to share this article, "Boom & Bust: Stress fuels market crisis." This article provides  fascinatingly detailed look at the roles stress and cortisol played during the financial crisis. Cortisol is cited for changing the bodies and personalities of risk-seeking stockbrokers as they faced an uncertain market future. 

The author even names cortisol "the molecule of irrational pessimism." 

I hope you will take a few moments to read this article, and please understand that the changes these brokers faced during the crisis are the same struggles we Cushing's patients face every day, for years and years. While I am not asking for empathy for stockbrokers, per se, I am asking you to read this article with Cushies in place of the stockbrokers. Reading about their symptoms may help you see your Cushie in a new way. If it does, hold her or him a little tighter, and admit you learned something about this illness. Your stock is sure to rise, as it will be music to your loved one's ears. 

Click through to the original article on the Montreal Gazette.