Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 1: Blogging with the Cushies, featuring Alicia and The EPIC Foundation

Have you checked out The Epic Foundation? I encourage you to do so. Cushie comrade Karen has dreamed of starting this non-profit to help Cushing's patients and others with invisible diseases. In 2017, Karen debuted EPIC. 

Please take a moment to read about EPIC Together's Person of the Month, Alicia Held. 

Alicia had battled Cushing's for a long time but remains tenacious, positive, and helpful, sporting with her signature smile in many personal photos she shares with the EPIC Together readers. 

Do you see yourself in Alicia's story?

While you are there, spend some time reading about the work of The EPIC Together Foundation and become a subscribing member. 

Day 1: Blogging with the Cushies, featuring MaryO

MaryO kicks off Cushing's Awareness Month with a blog post about a testing method that had been discussed for years but many of us haven't been tested this way. 

"A Faster Way to Diagnose Cushing's" (National Institute for Health, February 2017)

Day 1: BIG news month. Don't miss it.

Hey hey, what do you say?
Cushing's Awareness Month starts today. 
H O O R A Y !

Am I cutting it close or what? 11:55 pm on day 1 of the blogging challenge. 

I want to tell you that my life has undergone great change in the past year.  I hope you will visit us often. Will this blog reach one million page views this month? At 922,000, we don't have far to go. 

For 30 days in April, I will be blogging about:

~  My 10 year anniversary with Cushing's!! How did I survive

~  A Decade to Wellness: Moxie's full Cushing's story all in one post + never before seen personal photos

~  All things Cushing's: what the docs should know. New journal articles about hypercortisolemia, panhypopituitary, adrenal insufficiency, and adrenal crisis in the medical literature 

~  Training Tux. Follow along to see how Moxie trains our service dog to detect cortisol for me and blood sugar for my husband plus many basic dog commands without ever having owned a dog before. This gets comical. 

~  My new rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and how high cortisol sets many Cushies up for autoimmune disease after remission. Bonus: are rheumys better than endos?

~  Prednisolone: my success with a relatively unknown cortisol replacement 

~  Weight loss 3 years after BLA: it is finally happening. You'll never guess that our old, ubiquitous nemesis Metformin is now the hero

~ Growth hormone insufficiency landmines: why are endos hesitant to prescribe this after Cushing's pituitary surgery and how to deal with predictable delays and deliberate stalling by the insurance companies

~  Korlym: how doctors are prescribing it in 2017 vs. 2013 when it was first approved by FDA (hint: follow the money). Disclaimer: I own stock in Corcept Therapeutics. See full disclaimer on the side bar to the right).

~  Cushies make headlines: Follow up on the Cushies we've seen in the news

~  Patient spotlight in Cushing's right before your eyes. See the many faces of Cushing's in patients' before and after photos 

~  Life after BLA: Words of Wisdom from Cushies about controlling cortisol, taking medicine every day, and living with the ever-present threat of adrenal insufficiency and adrenal crisis. Is it better or worse than endos threaten it will be?


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Thanks for stopping by. See y'all soon.
~  Moxie Melissa