Saturday, January 11, 2014


Cushdar is a word I made up 10 mins ago. Similar to radar and sonar, it's the keen sixth sense Cushies develop about their bodies and cortisol cycles that defy scientific or medical explanation. A Cushie always knows best.

In Search of the Perfect Siesta

Image courtesy of The Guardian.

I'm post op BLA day 11 and made it through day three at dose 25/5 (hydrocortisone 25 mg at 8 am, 5 mg at 3:30 pm). I dropped from 35/7.5 (12.5 mg is a little too big of a drop) because I had symptoms of high cortisol again:  insomnia, 5 new pimples on my face, a small boil on my chest, and couldn't take a nap during the day for two days. Oh the misery!  Haha  Also, my mom pulled my husband aside and asked about my medication. She said I had been talking nonstop all day (no, really?!)

** A cortisol meter one day would be nice although I'm pretty impressed with my CUSHDAR. **

On 25/5, I am extremely fatigued by 1 pm and I have happily resumed napping for 2-3 hrs in the late pm. I have no other signs of AI. I am doing pretty well, but I wanted to post and explain my absence. My online and FB presence is spotty, and frankly what I see in the first 10 mins gets my attention for the hour I'm online. I wish everyone well and hope you are enjoying 2014. I love it. Best year yet.

PS. Did I already post about dropping dose and talking too much?  Shoot. I don't even remember anymore.