Saturday, October 21, 2017

Addison’s Mum, 44, died after antibiotics don’t control UTI

Sarah Ann Parr, 44, wife and mum of two felt faint and dizzy after a family walk. She had taken antibiotics for a urinary tract infection (UTI), yet the medication failed to treat the infection.

For all you BLAers and post op Cushies, WATCH OUT for any infection that can whittle down the cortisol you take daily. The body uses cortisol to fight infections, so it will use up the medication you take orally, leaving you without enough to sustain vital bodily functions like maintaining blood pressure and metabolism. 

Rest In Peace, Sarah. 
You are gone but will not be forgotten. ❤️ 

Sarah and her family also went on a walk up Moel Famau in Wales, United Kingdom. 

     Distance: 5.9 Kms/ 3.67 miles

     Ascent: 298 metres

     Time: 2 hours

     Start and Finish: Moel Famau Car Park

A hike or any such physical activity would also require a patient with adrenal insufficiency to take more cortisol to cover the "work" the body must do to climb up the hills. This physical exertion plus fighting a UTI and E. coli was just too much for Sarah's body to handle. 

The Matchstick Theory

Like many Cushies and folks who struggle with chronic disease daily, I've heard of the spoon theory. Some people love it and go ga ga for it.

Me:  Meh. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

I mean I get it. 
I agree with it. 
It just doesn't describe how my days usually go and the multitude of nuanced choices I must make each day.

Tonight, I found my new substitute spoon theory!  I proudly bring you the Matchstick Theory