Monday, March 24, 2014


This is the hardest thing to deal with, isn't it? Not just with chronic illness or Cushing's, with every day life, right?

People have no patients. We must find it. It's essential to reducing stress.

Not a Weight Loss Story

I pulled my neck on Saturday. I was very sore. My muscles were so tight couldn't turn my neck from side to side. I was so happy when I called my chiropractor and massage therapist for an appointment this am. They could see me at 10 am!

After a wonderful massage, my chiropractor told me that she didn't even recognize me sitting in the waiting room. I was truly surprised. I told her that I don't see much of a physical difference. She said it was there, and we often don't see it in ourselves because we see it every day. She said I look totally different. She could see it in my face and body shape.

I haven't seen her since my BLA surgery on 12/31/13 and showed her my six little scars on my back. I will continue with massage therapy once a month and restart acupuncture therapy every other week to help balance hormones and for overall well-being.

This isn't just a weight loss story, because I haven't lost any weight since BLA. My body shape has changed and my face is much slimmer. I still don't understand where everything has moved or shifted since my weight is the same. My stomach isn't distended anymore. Was that just filled with air? Really. Where did it go? Should I even bother to figure it out? Naaaaah.

For me, this story means cortisol no longer has me in a vice grip. That means I am getting better. That means I feel like this: