Sunday, March 24, 2013

How chronic pain has made me happier

The difficulty in recovering from Cushing's is that for some, it fails to leave us -- despite multiple surgeries or even cortisol-lowering drug therapies. I have room for improvement in this area.

In the article below, Rob Heaton offers an insightful look into chronic pain, and he captures the feelings and emotions surrounding those issues well and turns them into happiness.

When Rob Heaton say chronic pain is like mental illness, I want to add the uncured Cushing's often causes chronic pain and mental illness.

I'll share this short excerpt with you, then please read the entire piece regarding how Rob got happy with chronic pain.

"Chronic pain is like mental illness. It is a squeamish, taboo class of affliction that few people know how to deal with, so you and others dance around the issue and you don't have to admit to any fragility."

How chronic pain has made me happier | Robert Heaton