Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Share your story. Shape the future of Cushing's research and treatment.

** Please contact Corcept no later than Wednesday, 2/8/12. **

People with persistent Cushing’s Syndrome are invited to participate in market research and give input to the creation of patient information, tools, and resources. 

People with Cushing’s Syndrome (Cushing’s Disease, ectopic Cushing’s and adrenal Cushing’s) are invited to participate in market research and give input into the creation of patient information, tools, and resources. 

Patients are not eligible to participate if: 
  • you were diagnosed more than 10 years ago (memory fades with time!)
  • you have had a bilateral adrenalectomy
  • you are in remission 
This market research will be conducted in a confidential, one-on-one interview that can take place over the phone or in-person in a central location near you. If you are interested in a phone interview or in-person interview, please contact Clair Carmichael Johnstone at or call (800) 856-6706. More information (including cities and locations for in-person interviews) will be provided on the phone. Those who participate in an in-person interview will be compensated $250 and those who choose a phone interview will receive $125 for their time. Thank you in advance!


I spoke with Clair earlier this week. She was very supportive, and she is a great listener. Contact her today!