Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Solu-Cortef Alert

Thank you to our friends at www.caresfoundation.org for this important reminder. As you know, many Cushies rely on Solu-Cortef in cases of adrenal insufficiency. Solu-Cortef is for Cushies what Glucagon is for Type I diabetics. It is life-saving.

From: CARES Foundation <brendan@caresfoundation.org>
Reminder: Solu-Cortef National Drug Code (NDC) Change

Last year Pfizer, the manufacturer of Solu-Cortef®, in the convenient "acto-vials," removed the preservatives from their product, and issued a new NDC number by the FDA. The number is 0009001103.


This NDC number change has apparently continued to make it difficult for pharmacies to find the product in their computer systems, resulting in erroneously informing people that it is no longer available for prescription.


The product is available, but with a new code.


If your pharmacy is having trouble obtaining these products, please instruct them to call Pfizer's Customer Service at 1(800) 533-4535.


Other possible contact numbers for Pfizer are 1(800) 821-7000 or patient services at 1(888) 691-6813.


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