Sunday, March 31, 2013

Endoscopic v. Microscopic pituitary surgery

I am learning new things about Cushing's even six years after first seeing the word in print. I did not fully understand the surgical difference and thus possible benefits of endoscopic surgery. For the life of me, I can't remember which I had on my two surgeries, and not much slips by me. I feel like neurosurgeons and even endocrinologists don't emphasize this difference. This made other patients and me believe we were getting the same surgery while at different facilities, but we are not. 

As I continue to determine my next step for treatment after two failed pituitary surgeries and six long years seeking diagnosis and treatment, my mind gets tangled in all the unknowns. I wonder what small change could have led to cure. It might not be helpful, but it does keep me researching and sharing what I find here.

Patient's Symptoms Of Cushing's Disease 
Beginning To Abate After 
Endoscopic Pituitary Cure