Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meditate vs. Surgery?

This article does a good job of describing what happens to a society that is stressed out. Mediation may help many. For a patient with Cushing's, it is not so simple. We can not meditate our tumors away. Friends, families, and doctors tell Cushies to relax, calm down, and destress. An undiagnosed Cushie may try but will fail. A diagnosed Cushie or one currently testing for Cushing's can only wish we had that much control -- or any control -- over the excessive cortisol our bodies make. Without our permission, cortisol ravishes our bodies and mucks up all of our other hormones. For us, peace only comes when all tumors are removed from our bodies.

Please Meditate: Inner Peace Can't Wait

Brains at Yale Get Spruced Up

Love this! Dr. Harvey Cushing and his awesome brain collection are getting their rightful place at Yale. I can't wait to get better and lead a pilgrimage of Cushies to the Cushing Center. How amazing would that be? Maybe we could get the NYT to cover us? What a story and spectacle.

p.s. See my original post at on August 29, 2010.