Friday, September 21, 2012

My friend Lori faces 5th pituitary surgery

Please keep Lori in your thoughts. Her cortisol levels dramatically improved/ dropped following Monday's operation in which the neurosurgeon removed two separate tumors. However, the lab work indicates there is still tumor tissue present. She will be having another pituitary surgery -- her 5th in an area the size of a pea-- tomorrow at 7 am central time. The neurosurgeon will remove her entire pituitary gland and the bone surrounding it. This is a much more invasive surgery.

Lori has been fighting for too long to give up now. This surgery is her only option. She first went to the National Institute of Health, long recognized as the most knowledgeable about this disease, when she was only 13. Twenty years later, she is still fighting Cushing's. For many of us, Cushing's won't turn loose. This time, it will.