Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Will You Try Amazon Pharmacy?

"Amazon Prime members have access to an additional pharmacy perk called the "prescription savings benefit," which offers a discount of up to 80% on generic medications and up to 40% on brand-name prescriptions." 

😳 🤩 🥳

Amazon Pharmacy also says it will accept "nearly" all insurance plans.

Will you give Amazon Pharmacy a try? We definitely will. I take 20 medications a day, and my husband has at least five. Out of all the things that we spend money on, our medications and their prompt delivery are most important to us.

Mail-in order pharmacies we have dealt with in the past have had very poor service, unnecessary delays, and technology that just wasn't up to snuff. This will not be a problem for Amazon. 

Consumers need someone to bust up current medication pipelines, someone to facilitate the quick delivery of meds , and someone to hopefully lower costs for consumers.

My fingers are crossed that Amazon will fix this. Amazon has always provided superb customer service. Shopping on an intuitive user interface is sooo much easier than dealing with clunky set ups of other retailers, much less CVS and Walgreens. 

We are proud Prime Members since Amazon first shipped diapers and wipes to a very tired Cushie mom back in 2008.  We have been getting groceries delivered through Amazon Fresh long before the pandemic. We love our shipments and savings through the Subscribe and Save program. Our experience with Amazon has always been great. 

I just wish that the company would respond to criticism and clean up their reputation by being nicer to employees (allowing more time for workers to get from one spot in the warehouse to the others, allowing bathroom breaks, allowing worker protections through unionizing, etc). 

I will get back to you with more details as I try Amazon Pharmacy. Tell me about your experience, too. Promise?


[Let's not turn this post into a debate about Amazon. It will stress me out, and I'm on a fixed cortisol dose. You don't want to make me sick with adrenal insufficiency on purpose, do you? I can't help others when I'm sick!! ❤️ ]

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