Thursday, November 7, 2013

My health is a big part of my life

BOOM - more high cortisol results

One day of four received.

Test results from 10/31/2013

15.4  HIGH diagnostic midnight cortisol serum (n<5, diagnostic >7.5)

0.37 HIGH midnight saliva cortisol (n< 0.09)

10.8 HIGH 17-ohs (n 2-6)

17.4 ------ cortisol, free, urine (n 4-50)

MN Cortisol serum is DOUBLE the diagnostic value of 7.5.

Saliva cortisol is FOUR times the upper limit of normal.

17-hydroxycorticosteroids is also high, as it always is for me.

Free cortisol is normal, as it always is for me.