Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A 'not-so-rare' story in the journey of a rare disease diagnosis

Thank you to Lisa for sharing her story in April for Cushing's Awareness Month and for highlighting the importance of finding support from other Cushing's patients.


A 'not-so-rare' story in the journey of a rare disease diagnosis
(BPT) - In the year 2000, Lisa Wollman, a young, vibrant woman in the prime of her life, was pregnant with her second child, and like many expectant mothers, was experiencing changes in her mood and body. However, she knew something was not quite right. Lisa started experiencing anxiety and insomnia, which had not occurred during her first pregnancy. After visiting multiple doctors, Lisa was told her symptoms would subside post-pregnancy, however several weeks after giving birth, she began experiencing other unusual symptoms, including excessive facial hair growth, acne and depression. These signs and symptoms prompted further doctor visits ultimately leading to the diagnosis of Cushing's disease, which affects approximately one to two people per million annually.

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