Saturday, July 1, 2017

Addison's and Surgery

Woo hoo!

"The ADSHG surgical guidelines have been given a makeover! 

The new-look guidelines are available on the website, with print copies in the hospital folder available in the online shop. The core prescribing information remains the same, explaining what level of extra medication and monitoring you will need in the event of most types of surgery or dental work.

New information gives the level of continuous infusion cover recommended, in line with the recently issued guidelines from the Society for Endocrinology. The ADSHG surgical guidelines also now include citations and a list of endorsing clinicians with an interest in adrenal medicine. This includes some past speakers from the ADSHG's medical lecture series. 

Links below to get your copy: 

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I left this comment on the ADSHG Facebook page. 

Thank you, ADSHG. We Cushing's patients who've undergone bilateral adrenalectomy in the United States ❤️ your materials as do the Cushing's patients who need guidance after pituitary surgery while they are in an adrenally insufficent state. We are very thankful for you and the Addison Clinical Advisory Panel, the group of doctors in the UK who treat adrenal disease.