Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ready to Read MRIs, Junior Radiologist?

You have an MRI. The doctor is saying this and that, pointing to the shaded parts on the MRI with great confidence and speed.  All you learned after reading for weeks and weeks

was over in a flash of five minutes. 

You are trying hard to abs
orb it all, but your Cushie brain is blocking new information like a goalie at the World Cup.

You are not alone. After six years of getting pituitary MRIs for Cushing's, I still can't read an MRI and I still don't know the brain vocabulary.

Take a look at this chapter that uses over 30 MRI images to explain the different diseases associated with the pituitary.

I'm not saying you will retain all this info -- my brain glazes over midway through -- but I will say this is an excellent resource on the ever-present quest to understand our own MRIs. Bookmark it.

Pituitary adenoma (arrow shows dark shadowed area to the right)

- Radiology of the Pituitary - 

Endotext Chapter 4 : Neuroendocrinology, Hypothalamus and Pituitary