Monday, June 6, 2011

PARTICIPATE: Quality of Life Survey

I encourage every Cushing's patient to complete this National Institutes for Health survey* regarding quality of life. We must seize these opportunities to educate the medical community. The Cushing's we experience is drastically more complicated than the Cushing's they study.  Please make your voice heard. ~m

Click here to go to NIH Cushing's survey.

Information about this survey and your consent to participate

Patients with Cushing's syndrome report decreased quality of life before and after surgical treatment. We are investigators at the U.S. National Institutes of Health who care for patients with Cushing's syndrome. We want to learn more about the patients' experience during the post-surgical recovery phase with particular reference to quality of life. We are inviting patients like you who have had surgical treatment to complete the survey. Your responses will be gathered anonymously and will be treated confidentially; we hope to use them in a publication so that other physicians can learn about these issues.

Please kindly complete the following online questionnaire which is comprised of approximately 27 questions and should take around 15 minutes.

Click here to go to NIH Cushing's survey.

** Thanks to MaryO for sharing this with us.