Friday, January 20, 2017

Keep fighting until you get better

A few of my friends are in the battle of their lives. Convinced they have Cushing's, these patients have played the test-and-wait game, for a long, long time.  They can barely see themselves in this life that is focused just on the bare necessities (food, care for kids, our self care gets skipped) and SLEEP. A lot of sleep. All the times you can't go to sleep because of daytime duties and responsibilities and wide awake when it is actually time to go to sleep. Add doctors dragging their feet and you slowly to diagnosis and high cortisol to the mix. Cushie just want to give up!


In case you haven't read it lately, here are my moxie set of tips to steady your feet and get yourself diagnosed.

Tips to Steady your Feet & Get Diagnosed Quickly

I haven't changed one thing on that post in the nearly nine years since I wrote it. 

It pains me to see how relevant it is today-- patients still suffering too long and doctors too sure of their knowledge to admit the patient may have something rare. 

The world of information has changed since that 2008 post, too. I started to research cushing's on the internet in March 2007.  I didn't use Facebook back then. A simple google search resulted in more posts about dogs and horses than people. 


(🐶 + 🐴) x info > 👩‍💻 

So be happy that information is available and keep fighting Cushing's with Moxie.