Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have a major issue with testing all the time for Cushing's. Besides the obvious hassle of *having* to test so much to prove that I am sick, I want my results ASAP.  I do not want to wait. I don't need a doctor to tell me what they mean (well, 90% of the time), and I certainly don't like asking the nurse or caller follow-up questions for no real answers. I have realized they are just reading or repeating what the doctor said. 

My life saving go-to websites are LabTestsOnline and Cushing's Help and Support message boards. I get so much more information in real terms that I can understand from these sites.  Then, I take what I learn and discuss it with my doctor at the next appointment.

So you can imagine my thrill in finding out Quest Diagnostics has a new free app called Gazelle. This app is available in select states and on the Apple® iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry® Curve, Bold, Tour, and Storm. Android is coming soon!

After registering with Quest Diagnostics, click lab results.  You will enter the date of service, doctor's name and phone number. You get an email confirmation that your request was received. Labs are not returned immediately, unfortunately.  They are emailed a few days after the request is made. The system emails it to the email addy in your profile. The abnormal values are highlighted in blue. Easy to read!  Plus, it's a good first step in my efforts to get all of my medical records digitized and easily accessible online. In addition, the patient can email the results to any email address. I email them to myself, and voila!   Digital copy :)  I am super pleased with this development.

Here is a link to all Quest Diagnostic apps.

I have an appointment with Quest for a blood draw this Wednesday.  After my appointment, I plan to enter the information into the app, so that I will have an email as soon as they are ready. I really hope this system is responsive and resolves my need-to-know inclinations.  It's my life, my labs, and I want them :).

Viva la digital revolution!