Thursday, February 6, 2014

Empower EMS nationwide to administer the life saving drug solucortef in emergencies for Adrenal Insufficient patients. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

EMS must be required to carry Solu-Cortef of ambulances. We are currently fighting state by state to get this basic protection in place.

Two years ago, I wrote the following post. Now, I'm face adrenal insufficiency every day.

This White House petition has 771 signatures when I received this right now. Let's add to the list, Cushies!!! The life you save may be your own.

Solu-Cortef administration

Giving a shot to save your life is extremely overwhelming. Our loved ones aren't thrilled about the responsibility of doing it for us, and we are scared we or they won't do it correctly.

Someone forwarded this to me.
Finally. Simple to use instructions.

Trouble refilling Solu-Cortef

I tried to refill my prescription of Solu Cortef. The Pharm Tech told me they no longer have this Rx. I knew about the new number but I forgot it and had to find it. Good thing my blog serves as my own persona filing cabinet.

Please remember to notify your pharmacy of the change to the drug number so it can be found in their system. Or, remember you can search for my blog and Solu-cortef and find it. This is super important. It's life-saving medication.

Cortisol pumps in the future

I hope BLA patients will be next to be included in the study. We can benefit from a pump just as type 1 diabetics do. Right now, we BLAers are like diabetics without meters. So much progress can be made in this realm of cortisol replacement and administration.