Saturday, June 3, 2017

Recommending my Dallas Endocrinologist

I've been thinking about all the people in Texas who are still looking for a good endo. I highly recommend my current endo, Sasan Mirfahkrhee, assistant professor, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX.

Office staff is friendly and very responsive to mychart messages and refilling meds.

Dr. Sasan has a calming and reassuring bedside manner.

He always asks me, "How does that sound to you?"

Dr. Sasan is open to all my questions and analyses of labs and symptoms. I spend 30-50 minutes with him. He answers all my very nuanced questions.

This is so refreshing after seeing at least 10 arrogant, think-they-know-it-all endos who brazenly dismissed my Cushing's--cortisol ups and downs (cyclical) and reoccurring--for years.

Dr. Sasan asked me how often I'd like to see him. I feel most comfortable with every three months. He allowed me to set up my appointments for every three months for a year out. There is piece of mind knowing that I can get labs and discuss them with him often. Changing Texas seasons means big dose changes to fludrocortisone, so I find comfort with access.

I highly recommend Dr. Mirfahkrhee.

For those in DFW who have seen other doctors at UTSW and staff said you can't transfer to another endo, Dr. Mirfahkrhee said he has never heard of this. He said he would be happy to see all my Cushie and BLAer friends!

For those who can't make it to Dallas for your endo appointments, please use this as a checklist of the type of doctor-patient partnership we Cushies need and deserve.