Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cushing's to be Featured in National News

In September 2012, Dr. Oz from the Dr Oz Show joined my dear friend Lori and her amazing surgical team for her 4th (and ultimately 5th) brain surgery in Columbus, Ohio.  Lori has been battling Cushing's for 20 years.  

Please tune in to/ DVR this network television show this Thursday, December 20 to learn more about Cushing's. Check your local listings.

(Show lists the topics as sextuplets and Marlo Thomas/ cancer).

From the Dr Oz Show:
"Can you imagine gaining so much weight, despite a healthy lifestyle, that it would eventually lead you to die from obesity?  It's a real illness, and it's called Cushing's Disease.  Dr. Oz met Lori, a woman desperate to survive this devastating and rare condition, and he joined her in the operating room as she underwent the dangerous surgery that could end her life or improve it forever. Dr. Oz shares his journey and he introduces Dr. Daniel Prevedello from Ohio State University Medical Center who performed Lori's ground-breaking procedure."

Lori has also created a web site crushingcushings.com to help share her story. 

I hope you will be able to watch. This is a big day in Cushie World.