Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And You Thought I Was Pitiful Before...

Day 5 post op. Monday
Blood draw to check electrolytes and cortisol/ACTH after keeping medicine that will save my life!! away from me for 24 hours. That's a cool feeling.

Arrive at Lola's at 8:40 am to find 2.5 year old is sick and wants dada only. Mama can't lift and console. Family sleeps off two hours in family bed. Mom is in pain, trapped, and doses for 15 minutes.

Many dirty diapers later... E heads to Lola's around dinner time with no relief for fever or diaper contents. She's miserable. My poor baby. Mama can't even take care of you. She can't even take care of herself. I take Ambien 10 mg at 9 pm. Helloooooo? Take another half at 1145 pm. Sleep found me by 12:30 am and up by 7:30 am for ...

Day 6 post op.
Pediatrician appt at 9:15 am. Viral infection, possibly gastroenteritis. In and out of that place quickly. TYBJ.  Lovely hour in park wandering from bench to bench  to sit, watching J and E say hi (chase squirrels). Misting rain made E fly off slide, landed flat on her back 2 feet from the end. Squirrels were adequate and painless distraction. Ran for 45 mins. Dehydrated baby refuses 2 kinds of snow cones ($5), finally drinks 1/2 cup blue Gatorade (free in car).

Mama naps for 30 minutes, wakes to see local endocrinologist at 2 pm who is running 1 hr late. Nice waiting room. Dear Husband (dh) and I finish appointments 2 hours after arrival. Still can't nap. Head pounding.

1st post op mental meltdown with multiple crying episodes -- check! 

And it's only post op day 6 with umpteen + infinity left to go. And that's only hyperbole and a half. 


Urban Cowboy is recording on the Sundance Channel.

Mama is trying to relax in a jacuzzi bath-- no water up the surgery site! I'll drown.

I'll try again tomorrow. -m