Saturday, September 30, 2017

Google Cushing’s Moxie

I have written over 350 posts about Cushing's in the past nine years. Even I have forgotten all I had to say about Cushing's—high cortisol, low cortisol—over the years. As I help others figure out their symptoms, I google myself. Well, I google Cushing's Moxie to find out what articles I've gathered or thoughts I expressed on the matter.

You can do the same!

If you care to know what I wrote about a particular topic, you can do google keyword searches like:

• Cushing's moxie buffalo hump
• Cushing's moxie cognitive
• Cushing's movie depression
• Cushing's moxie cyclical
• Cushing's moxie tips
• Cushing's moxie pituitary surgery
• Cushing's moxie adrenal crisis
• Cushing's moxie testing

Dear Google will bring you whatever is tucked away in this little blog of mine.

I'm in the process of reorganizing the blog into a functioning website to ensure all topics are easily accessible by topic, not just chronologically according to my life and the way I experienced it. Until that project is complete, try this way. It works for me!