Sunday, February 23, 2014


My blog got Cushing's listed as the 18th site listed, among this terrible list of ailments. At least it's on the radar :)

Radiation vs BLA

Many questions circle around a Cushie's head before undergoing a bilateral adrenalectomy (BLA). Many doctors convince the patient that BLA will kill them or they will die any second (well, unmanaged Addison's can cause death from adrenal crisis but we Cushies can take good care of us), refuse treatment and instead push the patient into radiation therapy or medication that should work but doesn't really cure a patient without causing so many side effects that they new state of health is just as bad.

This is what I have to say about that:

"From what I have seen in others, just limited to those I see online who may still be sick and hunting for answers, there sure are quite a few folks who are never the same after radiation. Five years to wait for a cure is a long time to be sick especially after the many years Cushies wait for diagnosis and between treatments and surgery. For me, I'd rather live for 4.5 years with a BLA-- really LiVe with hope and joy again-- and take my chances on what I will face in five years. I want to live for the now, and with my BLA, I have that chance."