Friday, January 14, 2011

Trip Recap

So much has happened in the last few days. I'm on the plane with 30 minutes left in my 3 hr non stop flight home. Cloud cover prevents me from seeing the kitties below, but we must be over Texas by now.

Many Cushing's patients travel from all over the US and Canada to receive treatment in Los Angeles. I'll provide more details later on that. So, I thought I'd share travel info with my Cushie friends in hopes of making their medical trip a tad more pleasurable.

Rather than tell the story chronologically, I decided to try to write in little bits and pieces. Some will be medical. Some will be touristy. Some will be my random thoughts, and that's allowed because it's my blog. :)

I lived in Los Angeles and Long Beach a decade ago. It has been the most favorite city that I've ever lived in. That's saying something, too. I have lived in 10 different cities since flying my mama's coup for college. My point? I love LA to pieces, and I'd love for you to experience the LA that I know and love.

Let's start with these wonderful plants--birds of paradise. They are everywhere, and they always a lovely reminder that the warm sun keeps the City of Angels exciting and exquisite. ~ mm