Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 27: Create Awareness by Telling Your Story

We build awareness about Cushing's when we share our own experiences. When others see themselves in our stories, we save that life and any others who learn from that person's experience.

Women & Diagnosis:
Help for Ladies Home Journal Article

Hello Moxie,

At the Pituitary Network Association, we are always hard at work trying to raise awareness for pituitary issues that affect patients like you, family members and physicians each and every day. And now, we need your help!

Most immediately, Ladies Home Journal Magazine is looking for women who were convinced something was medically wrong with them and who diagnosed their own illnesses despite baffled or even dismissive doctors. Ideally, this person should be diagnosed and currently being treated for their condition. If this situation sounds like you and you have a strong, working knowledge of your condition, and can speak about it in detail with the media, we would love to hear from you.

We are also looking to build our database of patient stories for future and ongoing media opportunities and requests. If you would be willing to speak openly about your story to the press, it could greatly help us raise awareness for others going through similar situations.

If you can help with either of the above requests, please e-mail us at We will be in touch with further details.

Thank you!
The Pituitary Network Association is a strong advocate for those fighting pituitary tumors.

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