Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Cushie Tale: Chondra

was so happy to read my newsletter from the Pituitary Network Association ( yesterday. Chondra's self-diagnosis is quite common among Cushies including myself. May both sides be reminded that patients know their bodies best, and medical professionals should be there to help, not mock. Basic advice, but life-saving. 

Hug a Cushie you know. Their bravery can never be discussed too often, particularly in a world who hardly admits they are sick. -m 

Excerpt from Pituitary Network Association's newsletter:


The online article linked below emphasizes why the PNA and increased media exposure are so important and why pituitary tumors and disorders need more attention than they currently receive. If this woman's doctor had been more knowledgeable, if the symptoms were more readily known she may not have had to diagnose Cushing's herself. The internet has become an invaluable tool in helping pituitary patients worldwide get the diagnosis they so desperately need. However the diagnosis is just the first step. Getting the right treatment by physicians who have pituitary experience is also necessary. The PNA is an essential resource for Pituitary patients to help find the best medical care available to them in their area."

NOTE: photo 3 was not included in this post only because the iPhone limits attachments to five photos.