Sunday, February 20, 2011

DENTAL WORK: Thanks a lot, Cushing's!

I am having a lot of dental problems. Just went to the dentist this past Monday. She was showing me cracked teeth, chipped teeth, broken crowns, broken fillings -- plain as day in the photographs on the screen in front of me.  Undeniable. I was shocked and mortified!

After going tooth by tooth, detailing what she recommends for treatment, the dentist asked, "Do you grind your teeth?" I said, "I did when I was younger, but I don't know now." She said that bruxism or teeth grinding appears to be the cause of the damage to my teeth. I asked her what causes that, and she said, stress.


I saw a dentist just last year, when I thought I chipped a tooth on a piece of hard candy. I didn't have the chipped tooth after all, but he didn't mention any of this other damage. We even discussed Cushing's because his teenage cousin had just gotten some high cortisol tests. So, I don't know if all this damage has happened in the last 12 months while my cortisol has been getting higher or not.

So, I am in for $2500 of dental work plus a mouth guard, which can't be fitted until I get all the other repair work done. My dental insurances covers $1500, so I plan to pursue additional money from the medical insurance, since of courses, this problem is the results of a medical condition -- 255.0. Has anyone ever tried that? Regardless, I'm gonna try to get the medical insurance to reimburse me some of the money. Just another fight on my hands, I am sure.

Boo, Cushing's. Boo to you.