Thursday, July 6, 2017

Could Actress Lauren Ash have Cushing's?!

Tonight I switched over to Hollywood Game Night after watching American Ninja Warrior with the family. My eyes were immediately drawn to an actress I have never seen before. Her name is Lauren Ash and she currently stars on the TV show Superstore.

As soon as the show finished, I took to google images. I went through many photos of Lauren. She is stunningly beautiful with delicate and lovely facial features. I noticed her weight increased over the years. Then, I sent Lauren Ash the following tweet:

After I sent the tweet, I created a few collages. Are my instincts about Cushing's on point?

Photos of Actress Lauren Ash show facial plethora (red cheeks) and moon facies (weight gain in neck), both classic Cushing's symptoms.
We Cushies have always made the difficult decision to approach a person we suspect of Cushing's or leave them alone so we don't embarrass them or us. It has always broken my heart to walk away and risk leaving a person undiagnosed when I held the possible answer. So today, I sent the tweet, and I hope I can help Lauren or anyone else out there who reads this blog.

I'll let you know if I hear back!