Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Describe Life after BLA

Nah. I don't feel like it.  I don't want to write down all my happenings. I want to clearly explain everything but that takes time.  I don't feel like explaining things today.

It has been 28 days since my BLA on 12/31/2014.  The day of my surgery, I was given 300 mg of hydrocortisone intravenously.  I was given 150 mg the next day.  I have been tapering down since then. I left the hospital on a dose of 45 mg hydrocortisone at 7:30 am and 15 mg hydrocortisone at 3:00 pm. I added 0.05 mg fludrocortisone, a replacement for the hormone aldosterone, twice a day since I was post-op day 6.  Every week or so, I decrease my hydrocortisone dose to something near 15/5.  I am getting pretty close so that is good. My doctor will like that, because if I take more than my body needs, the extra hydrocortisone gives me Cushing's again. EEK!  NO!

Last Sunday, I dropped my dose again from 20/5 to 17.5/5. I took the former dose for 7 or 8 days. Even that small of a drop takes the wind out of my sails.  On Sunday, I woke at 7:30 am and was back asleep for a nap by 11:00 am.  This, too, will pass.

I discovered that my dear friend Karen shared her post op BLA experience online and she provides clear explanation.

So today, I'll let Karen explain everything. I hope you feel well again soon.