Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Quest by Care360

Back in 2011, I bragged about how Quest Diagnostics gives patients their test results through their app. I happily study each report to understand my disease and hormonal levels.

I have been disappointed, however, that when I arrived in California in late 2011, I was unable to access my results in a timely manner or in an app!  California law prohibited Quest from releasing these results to me. Since then, I have struggled waiting for my doctor to release results to me.  Why should I need to wait? I need these numbers to adjust medications quicker than a doc can return the phone call.

Well, I paid a bill online with Quest Diagnostics, and I see a new message. They have a new app as their patient portal.  Instead of Gazelle, we have MyQuest by Care 360.  The system recognized my old user name and password. I saw this message when trying to request lab results:

Based on California law, Quest Diagnostics is delaying release of test results for 14 days to allow your physician time
to review your test results.

Hot diggity!  This is something new!  Oh, I have so much relief now knowing that the minimum I will wait is 14 days after the date of labs.

Well, this day just got a little sweeter.


Why is this a big deal?  Patients are becoming more confident and informed consumers in the medical marketplace. In addition, those of us plagued by chronic illness need every bit of information about our case at our disposal, to pass along to other medical providers as needed. In addition, patients will research ever line item on the lab report to ensure they understand the result from each test. Doctors are notoriously for telling a patient the results are normal.  Many times, even when cortisol levels are tested and abnormally high, doctors dismiss them as normal.  No Cushie should have their life and diagnosis delayed because the doctor misread or didn't value that abnormal results, or even still, *know what to do with this abnormal test*!  Patients must keep a file and stay informed.  Know one will care more for your health than you.