Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3: Around the Cushie World in 30 Days~10 Things I Can't Live Without

For today's featured post, I share with you Robin's post entitled 10 Things I Can't Live Without.  

I find this post particularly important for Cushies, not in the nice-to-know way but the you-can-die-without-it way.  The pituitary gland and adrenal glands' choreographed dance to make cortisol is life-sustaining.  Enter a tumor and friends to tinker with that, it the dance turns ugly real quick.

You see, when people in the general populace talk about things they can't live without, they aren't talking real life and death. They are talking, I'd throw a bitch fit without it, it would make me cranky, I'd be bummed out if... 

Big difference.

We love Robin. She is a science teacher who helps all of us so much.  You can read her blogs at Survive the Journey and 365 with Cushing's.