Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 23: File It Away...Solu-Cortef has a new National Drug Code

SCENARIO:  You are a Cushie headed for pituitary or adrenal surgery and you are taking care of business! You drop off your prescription for Solu-Cortef and hydrocortisone at the pharmacy. When you return in an hour, the staff informs you they can't find Solu-cortef in the system.  They no longer offer it, so the pharmacy can't fill it.

WHAT? You panic. You have to have this medication. A post op Cushie and her Solu-Cortef injectible is like a diabetic and his glucagon injection.  In a crisis, you could die without it.

What are you gonna do?  Call your doctor?  Doctors don't mess with this minutia. Nurses/staff don't know even know what Cushing's is, how it is treated. They do not know how to navigate the system at this level. After many exasperated phone calls and voice mails back and forth... nothing. No medicine for you.

What are you gonna do?  Put on your super hero cape.
It's up to you, the patient, again.
So what are you gonna do?

SOLUTION:  You fall back on the details you learned from a patient with Cushing's... me or any other who has shared any bit of information with you.  You have voraciously read this blog and many others over the years.  You read and you learn.  You file them away in that brain of yours, never quite sure you could recall anything up there when needed because the Cushing's dulls your brain so much. Either you remember, or a Cushie friend who read and remembers does.


These are the kinds of details... the minutia... that Cushing's patients must wade through to stay alive. Make sure you know all that you can know about your health and disease. I promise that you will save your own life on many, many occasions.

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Not sure why Solu-Cortef is important? You can read about Cushie troubles.  

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 Solu-Cortef has a new National Drug Code (NDC)

We have recently been informed that Pfizer, the manufacturer of Solu-Cortef®, in the convenient "acto-vials," has removed the preservatives from their product, so have been issued a new NDC number by the FDA. The number is 0009001103.

This NDC number change has apparently made it difficult for pharmacies to find the product in their computer systems, resulting in erroneously informing people that it is no longer available for prescription.

The product is available, but with a new code. The number is 0009001103.

If your pharmacy is having trouble obtaining these products, please instruct them to call Pfizer's Customer Service at 1(800) 533-4535.

Other possible contact numbers for Pfizer are 1(800) 821-7000 or patient services at 1(888) 691-6813.  Toll-free: 866-227-3737.  Phone: 908-364-0272