Friday, May 30, 2008

Sharmyn McGraw, the face of Cushing’s

Sharmyn McGraw is by far the most public face of Cushing’s. As a survivor of Cushing’s, she has made it her crusade to bring awareness to this disease. After spending seven years searching for a diagnosis, Sharmyn now spends her time educating both patients and the medical community. So many people have seen Sharmyn's story and have started testing for Cushing's as a result. We all thank her for stepping out and sharing her story. We are all very proud of her.


Sharmyn was also featured on a segment of the show Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery Health channel. Isn't it a pretty bad sign when the disease you have is featured on a show called Mystery Diagnosis?!

Program description: "Lethal Diet. Parents deal with a son with sinus infections and unsteady feet. A woman gains weight, has oily skin, hair loss, body cramps, and irritable bowel syndrome."

The Cushing's segment airs every few weeks or so. Sharmyn's story airs about 20 minutes into the hour long show. You can set your Tivo or DVR to pick up this show. I just set mine to save 3-4 episodes, and then routinely delete the shows that do not have it listed in the program description.

Here are some YouTube videos of some of the segments that aired about Cushing’s. You can visit her website at to view all of them.

Sharmyn McGraw on the Montel Williams show

Sharmyn McGraw on NBC News in Los Angeles

Sharmyn on news: surgery and recovery in 18 months