Friday, May 30, 2008

Cushing's featured on National Geographic Science of Obesity

“Genetics and runaway appetite are not the only causes of obesity. Sometimes, your own body can turn against you in ways you never imagined.”

National Geographic put together a show called The Science of Obesity. It aired in September 2007. It mainly followed a man getting gastric bypass surgery. Luckily, they did include one six-minute segment on Cushing's at the end. It features Kate, a Cushing's patient on the message boards with me, and her doctor, Dr. Thomas Friedman ( Kate was brave to share her story with all of America. We thank her for her efforts. Over 20,000 people have viewed this segment on youtube. We hope others will see this video and get the help they need and deserve.

This is a very good segment, including detailed diagrams showing the pituitary, the production of cortisol and ACTH, and effects of too much cortisol on the body.