Monday, May 13, 2019

How Good is Your Safety Net: Join your Local Cushie Group

Having Cushing's often feels like we are free-falling.
Join your local Cushing's group and grab an arm or leg. Hang on forever.
How good is your safety net? If you have an adrenal crisis, do you have friends who can support you? The best way to tighten our collective safety nets as Cushies is to get to know other Cushies. Nearby Cushies are even better. I whole-heartedly encourage each of you to connect with Cushing's patients in your area. 
I realized lately that many newer Cushies don't know that we have Cushie groups set up for every US state. I'm sharing my post announcing this back in February 2018.
US STATE GROUPS: Tonight I completed a dream project to create a state cushie group for 49 of 50 US states. 
So I took my own advice and I created a state cushie group for 49 of 50 states. Please join your group. Go to search box in Facebook and search for your home state plus the word Cushies, like this: Texas Cushies. Montana Cushies. Florida Cushies. Each of us Cushies has the unique ability to help other Cushies, no matter where in this big world you are and they are. I am asking for your help in connecting Cushies.
As we see new people come into the groups or someone is frustrated over an uncooperative doctor who is unwilling to test more, prescribe more HC post op, or consider reoccurrence, please look at their profile to see if they list a location where they live. Then reply to them and post: Please join @ sign then group name, like @Colorado Cushies, to activate a link to that group. You can be the person who makes the difference for someone fighting to find answers.
We also have regional groups called Midwest Cushies, New England Cushies, Southern Cushies, Pacific NW Cushies, and Central Texas Cushies. We even have enough patients to create city-specific groups like DFW Cushies (Dallas-Fort Worth Cushies) and Houston Cushing's Support Group. If you are willing to travel for good health care, be sure to join.
I am active in the DFW Cushies group, and these ladies are a life-line for me. We have gotten together a half dozen times, and each has brought me closer to people who understand what Life is like as a Cushie. We understand the lingo, the complications, the horrible symptoms, the weaning, the surgeries, the doctors!, and the struggles. Meet regularly. Help locally. Then those groups can organize events, prep people for surgery, meet with families, go to doctor appointments... you name it. We can help push someone to their next step to wellness, and we can be there when someone really needs someone to listen. This type of unwavering support should not be underestimated. We all need it. We deserve it. We shall have it. Bring the Cushing's experience from the Facebook groups into real life and make real friends and lasting friendships. We are all out there, and all you have to do is find us. Go to a gathering even though your heart is beating out of your chest and the doubt and fear of judgment about your looks makes you want to flake out and stay at home. Go. I wish for you the lasting friendships I have made in my local area.
We must create a safety net ourselves. Even though the medical community continues to fail us and this disease's aftermath plagues us, we can cling tight to each other and keep each other safe.
Please take a pledge and commit to helping me funnel Cushies to their state groups.
Now, I move on to the other 100 Cushing's projects I have my heart set on to complete.
Be well.
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