Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Your Part in Cushing's Awareness

In response to my previous post about Kalyn's death, someone in a Cushing's group said she didn't know Cushing's led to death and that more awareness needs to be done.

I replied:

"I totally agree with you. This shouldn't be happening, but it happens a lot--2-3 times a year THAT WE KNOW OF. Many Cushies never reach out online to find others like them. They never find our safety net... and we lose them as they fall through the cracks.

We have lost MANY to Cushing's in the last decade I have sought diagnosis, treatment, and remission. Many of us have been trying very hard to create awareness.

I created a blog 9 years ago to share my story, medical research, and create a patient presence on the internet at a time horse and dogs had websites dedicated to Cushing's but humans didn't (true story) and before the time we used Facebook or even had cushing's groups.

Some of us have attempted to turn April into Cushing's Awareness Month by blogging every day instead of just posting Cushing's Awareness Day on April 8. Moreover, others won't participate. For unknown or personal reasons, many do not share info and photos about Cushing's and Cushies through FB, when so many have hundreds and thousands of friends connected to us on FB pages. Actually, I know the reason Amy don't share on FB. I suspect that Cushies' fear this would invite further humiliation disbelief, interrogation, and isolation from their "family" and "friends." Not sharing our experiences and horror stories cripples us significantly in our fight for Cushing's awareness.

Sharing another Cushie's FB post or creating your own infographics are such simple and effective ways to get the word out. Maybe 5 people read your message. With thousands of Cushies online, that's leads to thousands of people who learn about Cushing's.

If you want to create awareness, please, do your part.

I invite you to like my FB page Fight Cushing's with Moxie and visit my blog:
Share my posts freely on FB or email.

I chose to create awareness in this way. I encourage anyone to create blogs or even just share FB posts. Please make a commitment to do this. It makes a difference.

It is my strong belief that when every Cushie must does his or her part to create awareness, I mean with persistance and prevention in their heart, we will begin to reduce diagnosis times (some suffer 7-20 years!) as we pull Cushies from near and far into our Cushie safety net.

Once we meet a Cushie who understands us, we never let them go.

PS A keyword search for "death by Cushing's" bring up quite a few articles and blogs that demand reviewing.