Monday, April 21, 2014

Cushing's Awareness Month: It's Not our Fault

Our planet Earth is comprised of billions of people of different faiths, cultures, and customs. Some are so different that people go to war. With all the things about us that make us different, there seems to be one world view that we share: 

Fat is bad.

I don't feel well enough to do the google search, but I'm sure there are studies that show women would rather be dead than fat. Our society is just that shallow.

How do you dismantle the American and whole world's belief that:

1) fat is bad;

2) if you are fat, you did this to yourself;

3) I may be fat but I'm not as bad as you, and until I am, then I can make fun of you.

It's all ridiculous, now, isn't?

Fat or not, medical or not, when will we just let people be, without commentary? Why does it inflate or deflate a person's self-worth to be thin or fat?

In my case and in the case of Cushies, we are fat for a reason.

For whatever reason a person is fat or overweight, just stay out of it. Why do you care? Don't you have anything better to do?  We are out doing something better -- we are telling all these fatties that it just maybe ALL IN THEIR HEADS.