Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started

My surgery is scheduled for 1:00 pm on 12/31/2013.  Call time is 10:30 am.  I am the third surgery of the day.  I am tired today after all the preparations and my pre-op appointment. I am happy not to be waking up so early but wishing I could go just to get on with this!  I spent last night playing with my daughter and marveling in her. I love her, as she says, "infinity infinity one hundred thousand million.'

I made two word bubbles two years ago. The first one focused on the difficulties of life with Cushing's.  This one focuses on new life once Cushing's is gone.  Today, just in time for my BLA, I post this.  It truly makes me smile knowing that these words mean so much to me as a sick person. With this surgery, I finally get my chance to get it all back and find my new places of joy.  I can't wait to get back to traveling, running errands, visiting with my friends, walking around just to see what we could see. ROLLERBLADING!  I really miss rollerblading. One day soon, I will be able to stand up on those inline skates and blade.  I am grateful for all the opportunities for growth that lie before me.

I want to share one of my favorite songs: Shania's Today is Your Day.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy New Year. It's gonna be the best one yet.