Saturday, April 27, 2013

Exposure To Low Doses Of Multiple Xenoestrogens Found To Strongly Distort Hormone Action

Endocrine disruptors. Patients with hormonal imbalances of unknown origin cringe when they hear these words. 

A recent study on the pituitary cells of rats show the unfavorable results of our complicated chemical-laden daily environments. 

If this doesn't scare you, read more.

Exposure To Low Doses Of Multiple Xenoestrogens Found To 
Strongly Distort Hormone Action

"These things are all over the environment, and we need to know what they do so we can start figuring out what we need to change," Watson said. "They're probably disrupting and confusing hormones in people, and it's important to find a way to prevent that as soon as we can. We need to test these compounds for their hormone-disrupting activities before they are put into products, so we can redesign for safety very early in the process." 

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