Saturday, September 29, 2012

Denmark first to launch Plenadren

Published: 2012-09-25 03:37

Denmark first to launch Plenadren

Duocort sold its drug candidate Plenadren to American Viropharma last year for approximately SEK 1 billion and the medicine will now enter its first market. Denmark will be the first country to sell Plenadren and will also constitute the first nation to supply a drug against Addison's disease in over 50 years.

Plenadren was developed by the virtual company Duocort with headquarters in West Sweden. The drug is based on hydrocortisone and has been developed for the treatment of adrenal insufficiency, also referred to as Addison's disease.

Plenadren has orphan drug status in the EU, Switzerland and the USA and was granted market authorisation by the European Medicines Agency at the start of November last year.