Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello to all of you still following along. I wanted to tell all y'all some big news.

I have been diagnosed with cushing's disease again, and I'm off to surgery! I'll have my second pituitary surgery in Houston on April 20, 2011. 

I have many details to provide still, and I hope to find time to post back story soon.  I will say that we used our tax refund to purchase a new iPad 2, which will making sending updates from the hospital and post-op easier, I hope.

With surgery and the chance to return to the rest of my long life only 17 days away, I think of that 80s song:  The future so bright, I gotta wear shades.


I encourage you to do midnight testing every night in a row until you get your highs. Do not skip.

Get blood draws at midnight and again 30 minutes later.  Chew a salivary cortisol test swab while getting your blood drawn.  I got my biggest diagnostic highs doing this, after 4 years of trying to follow doctors' suggestions of tracking symptoms and only testing once a night around midnight. 

Remove the guesswork and pressure off yourself to know how cortisol ravages your body as it swings from high to low to high levels. Very few Cushies when their cortisol levels are high v. low, and frankly, it is quite unfair that we should have to know.  This disease is an enigma - a mystery wrapped in a riddle.  Until someone develops a cortisolometer, similar to a glucometer for testing blood sugar, a Cushing's patient may never know for sure.

Take control.  Your mission is to show up every night, and hang in there.

~Moxie Melissa