Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday update: oUT!!!

Out of the hospital. Dropping off rxs now, one for pain (vicodin), another for nausea (zofran).  

I picked up my iphone for the first time an hour ago after 4 days. What a change!! I'm usually so busy on this thing.

I have been miserable. Worst pain and hospital experience of my life!!  I had the room dark, eyes closed, in pain, minimal talking, no noise, no tv. Just wanted to survive the pain, not from my brain. It was every muscle in my body. Perhaps my growth hormone, also produced in the pituitary, could have been affected during surgery, causing all the socially isolating symptoms. 

I'll feel better after a small subway sandwich and good nap in my own bed.

Thank you for following along and rooting for me.