Monday, July 6, 2009

HEAR YE, HEAR YE: Patients Talk about Life with Cushing's

You can read about Cushing's. This blog and many other websites offer the text version of this devastating disease.

Hearing people who have Cushing's describe their path to diagnosis and treatment is quite emotional, as it fills in the gaps between the written word. I am amazed at how people stumble onto diagnosis after years and years of being ignored by their doctors. Many Cushies visit five to ten doctors before they even see an endocrinologist, then many go to see several "endiots"--our affectionate term for endocrinologists who don't quite understand the way Cushing's presents in today's patients--before they receive the help they deserve.

Take a listen to real Cushing's patients who describe their onset of symptoms and how they fought to get the diagnosis. For anyone fighting this disease, it is truly heartbreaking to listen to how people have struggled and triumphed over this disease. I have yet to listen to one that did not bring tears to my eyes.

To all my fellow Cushing's patients out there who have fought this disease with such determination, courage, and moxie: I salute you. I dedicate all of these efforts to you, to us.

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